Established at beginning of 1923 and started active operations in May, remodeling 100 D.H.4s. Held patent rights and license to build Fokker aircraft in USA, and largely associated with Anthony Fokker, who went to USA in 1922 and played a part in founding the company at Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. Fokker was also design consultant to other American companies. AO-1 was two-seater of characteristic Fokker biplane form for artillery observation; XLB-2 (officially prefixed Atlantic-Fokker or Atlantic (Fokker)) of 1927/28 was first twin-engined US Air Corps monoplane bomber. Type not adopted despite Fokker's experience with large civil monoplanes. C-2 and C-2A of late 1920s also were typical Fokker-type high-wing cantilever monoplanes.

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