A large industrial concern based in Milan, Societa Italiano Ernesto Breda began the construction of aircraft in 1917. In the immediate postFirst World War years, when no production aircraft were being built, concentrated on research and constructed a number of experimental aircraft. Began the construction of all-metal aircraft in 1922. Production aircraft have included Breda 15 two-seat lightweight
Breda Ba.65
sporting aircraft of 1930, Breda 25 and 28 training biplanes, and the Breda 33 two-seat sports monoplane of 1932, from which time production concentrated mainly on military aircraft. These included Breda Ba 27 single-seat monoplane fighters, which equipped a squadron of the Chinese Air Force in 1937; Ba 65 one/two-seat fighterbomber/ reconnaissance monoplane, which saw service in the Spanish Civil War; Ba 88 Lince twin-engined medium attack bomber, produced also by Meridionali under subcontract. Breda also built a number of Junkers Ju 87Bs under license as the Breda 201 Picchiatelli before suspension of production soon after the Italian surrender.

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Ba.88 Lince