Empresa Brasiliera de Aeronautica SA was founded in August 1969 and began operations in January 1970 to promote the Brazilian industry. In August 1974 signed cooperative agreement with Piper Aircraft Corporation, and in 1975 with Northrop. Work on Tiger II components started 1976. Successful production of the Bandeirante twin-turboprop light transport (first flown October 1968) ended in 1994. Other early production programmes included the pressurized EMB-121
EMBRAER EMB-110/111 Bandeirante
EMB-110/111 Bandeirante
Xingu transport, EMB-111A Patrulha for maritime surveillance, and Xavante (license-built Italian Aermacchi jet trainer and attack aircraft). Privatization completed in December 1994, with the Brazilian Federal Government retaining some 15 per cent of capital. Production in 1999 included the EMB-312 Tucano turboprop trainer (first flown August 1980), EMB-314 Super Tucano (first flown May 1993) and ALX special application version, EMB-120 Brasilia regional transport (first flown 1983), ERJ135 37-passenger regional jet (first flown July 1998), ERJ145 50-seat regional jet (first flown August 1995), and surveillance versions of the ERJ145. International program is AMX combat aircraft with Aermacchi and Alenia of Italy. Divisions of EMBRAER include Industria Aeronautica Neiva SA(q.v.).

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EMB-110/111 Bandeirante
EMB-200/201 Ipanema
EMB-121 Xingu
EMB-120 Brasilia
EMB-145 Amazon / ERJ-145