Established in 1970 by Dott Ing Stelio Frati, designer of a series of light aircraft from the Ambrosini F.4 to F.250 (subsequently developed as the SIAI SF.260), to develop aircraft of Frati design mostly for manufacture by other concerns. First was the F.20 Pegaso light twin; two prototypes built (first flown 1971) and an agreement was reached for production aircraft to be manufactured by Italair. Also designed the Canguro transport (developed by SIAI-Marchetti but became a VulcanAir type) and the Jet Squalus (see Promavia and Alberta Aerospace). Currently produces F.22 Pinguino two-seat aerobatic lightplane and trainer in several versions with retractable or fixed undercarriages (first flown June 1989), the F.22 Bupp variant with only fixed undercarriage and other changes, plus the F.220 Airone four-seat development.

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