Incorporated July 6,1939 at St Louis, Missouri, merged with Douglas Aircraft Corporation Inc. April 28,1967. Built Fairchild AT-21 gunnery trainers at Memphis, Tennessee, plant and designed XP-67 experimental twin-engined fighter in 1942. Developed first U.S. Navy twin-jet fighter, FH-1 Phantom I, which was first flown January 26,1945. Enlarged version was F2H Banshee, flown January 11,1947. F3H Demon single-engined jet fighter, maiden flight August 7,1951. XF-88 jet fighter for USAF cancelled 1950 but developed later as F-101 Voodoo, flown September 29,1954. F-4 Phantom II twin-engined missile-armed attack fighter flownMay 27,1958, subsequently standard USAF, USN and USMC fighter, built also for reconnaissance and antiradar roles and widely exported; 5,057 built in U.S.A. up to June 1979, and production by Mitsubishi in Japan continued until 1981. See below for 1967 merger with Douglas.

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