As Officine Ferroviarie Meridionaii in 1925, obtained rights to build Fokker aircraft under license, including the C.V., which was fitted with an Italian-built Jupiter engine and known as the Ro.1. Also built Fiat biplanes. In 1934 Societa Aninima Industrie Aeronautiche Romeo was formed to take over the aeronautical activities of Meridionali, but within two years there was another change of name to Societa Anonima Industrie Meccaniche e Aeronautiche Meridionali (SAIMAM), and indigenous types of aircraft were produced including the Ro.37 and 45 reconniassance biplanes, the Ro.41 single-seat fighter, and the Ro.43 two-seat fighter seaplane. By 1936 SIAMAM had become part of Breda.

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