Vojenska tovarna na letadla Letov created 1923, initially building the designs of Alois Smolik. Major output centered on S-1/S-2 reconnaissance/light bomber biplanes; S-4 fighter of 1922; S-6 bomber; S-10 trainer (licensed from Hansa-Brandenburg); S-16 long-range reconnaissance biplane, built late 1920s/early 1930s for Czechoslavakia, Latvia and Turkey; S-18 trainer; S-19 four-passenger civil transport; S-20 biplane fighter; S-21 trainer version of S- 20; S-32 five-passenger high-wing tri-motor; and the S- 328/528 series of reconnaissance/light bomber biplanes. Also undertook license production of Tupolev SB-2 twin-engined monoplane bomber. Built Arado and Junkers types during German occupation 1940-1945.

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