FMA I.A.30 Nancu


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FMA I.A.30 Nancu

One prototype only.

 ENGINE2 x 850hp Rolls-Royce Merlin 604
  Take-off weight7600 kg16755 lb
  Empty weight6208 kg13686 lb
  Wingspan15.00 m49 ft 3 in
  Length11.52 m38 ft 10 in
  Height5.16 m17 ft 11 in
  Wing area35.32 m2380.18 sq ft
  Max. speed740 km/h460 mph
  Cruise speed500 km/h311 mph
  Ceiling8000 m26250 ft
  Range2700 km1678 miles
 ARMAMENT6 x 20mm cannon, 250kg of bombs

Paul Scott, 12.03.2017 22:56

Wikipedia states 1800 HP Merlins confirmed


THEBATTLEMASTER, 13.12.2012 22:03

Could have been a nice plane.


Paul Scott, e-mail, 21.05.2012 19:13

A lot like the Welkin as well as the Hornet.


Peters Leandro, e-mail, 28.02.2011 23:18

There is an error, are 1850 hp motor. This can be seen in the four blades of the thruster. Even the first R & R Merlin had 850 hp. Greetings


tony, e-mail, 21.11.2010 23:30

Re: 460 mph with a pair of 850 hp "Merlin" engines? Impossible. Now, those engines may have had 1850 hp, but I never heard of any Merlin with only 850. (1850 is itself a bit of a stretch but not impossible, and would have been enough to swing those 4-blade props fast enough to hit off over 400 mph)


Tony French, e-mail, 16.07.2010 22:26

850hp Merlin ? 460 mph on two 850hp motors ? Unlikely


Karl, e-mail, 12.08.2010 14:59

This plane was similar in koncept like De Havvilland Hornet and had Merlin 130 engines of 2000 HP each.


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