Manko MT.1 Hayabusa


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Manko MT.1 Hayabusa

Harbin-based, this was the first aircraft firm in Manchuria. The MT.1 Hayabusa (late 1935) was taken over by the Japanese.

Barry, 10.12.2015 17:04

The Manko (Manshu) Hayabusa was 6 passenger aircraft which was built by the Manchuko Aircraft Company for Manchuko National Airlines.
Power plant 1 x 460 h.p. Nakajima Kotobuki 9 cylinder radial
Span 44'7" Length 30' 9" Height 11' 10" Empty Weight 3,747 lb Loaded Weight 5,952 lb
Max Speed 150 mph Cruising Speed 124 mph Range 560 miles
Service ceiling 19,700 ft


Burunduk, e-mail, 28.12.2010 16:51

The first flight of MT-1 took place only on April, 1937.
Manko always was Japan company, founded in 1934 in occupied Manchuria.
About 50 airplanes were built.
30-35 MT-1s, built by Manko, was bought by Manchuria Airlines.
15-20 airplanes also was made by Kokusai Koku. They were built by China Airlines.


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