Beagle Terrier 2


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Beagle Terrier 2

Produced by completely rebuilding and furnishing to new high standards ex-army Auster AOP.6 and T.7 monoplanes. The 6A Tugmaster and Terrier 1 were also rebuilt Auster Mk 6, but to lower standards. First flight of a Terrier Series 2 was made on 25 April 1962. The type is a three-seat touring and training monoplane.

Beagle Terrier 2

 ENGINE1 x DH "Gypsy Major 10", 107kW
  Take-off weight1088 kg2399 lb
  Empty weight726 kg1601 lb
  Wingspan11.0 m36 ft 1 in
  Length7.1 m23 ft 4 in
  Height2.7 m9 ft 10 in
  Wing area17.1 m2184.06 sq ft
  Max. speed191 km/h119 mph
  Cruise speed172 km/h107 mph
  Ceiling3500 m11500 ft
  Range450 km280 miles

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