Fairey F.2


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Fairey F.2

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Fairey F.2

Fairey F.2A three-view drawing (1316 x 1342)

Barry, 05.03.2015 18:12

Ordered by the Admiralty in 1916, the F2 was a large 3 seat fighter armed with a .303 Lewis gun in the nose and a similar weapon in the aft cockpit. The 3 bay wing was foldable and the aeroplane was powered by 2 Rolls Royce Eagle water cooled 12 cylinder engines each developing a maximum output of 190 h.p. Built at Harlington it was transported by road to Northolt where it first flew on the 17th May 1917. It was a very difficult plane to fly and handle, and Admiralty interest had disappeared so no further models were produced. Let's face it, does it look like a fighter?


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