Fairey Biplane Firefly


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Fairey Biplane Firefly

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Fairey Biplane Firefly

Fairey Biplane FireflyA three-view drawing (1306 x 1100)

Barry, 03.09.2014 19:10

Having come back to this page after some time, the mystery of the biplane Firefly is solved. The upper photo is the one off MkI and the lower photo the more successful MkII. Both these aeroplanes were designed by Marcel Lobelle but bore no more than an extreme superficial resemblance. The MkII was designed in response to Specification F27 /22 the specification that gave the R.A.F. the Fury fighter. Although the Firefly was a shade faster than the Fury it did not meet the spec. as it was made from wood and not metal which the Air Ministry was specifying for all combat planes at that time. The prototype was rebuilt later using metal to become the IIM and it was this plane that was ordered by the "Aeronautique Militaire" i.e. the Belgian Airforce. The initial order of 29 was later supplanted by 62 models built locally by Avions Fairey. They were still in service when Belgium was overan by the Nazis in 1940.One Firefly found it's way to Russia but no order was forthcoming.


Bernard Rumbold, e-mail, 05.06.2014 02:56

I agree Barry - staggered wing on the second one and an inverted engine installation. Different aeroplane - as is the 3 view.


Barry, 07.09.2012 18:04

Are these two photos the same aircraft? Different engine installation, different landing gear, different interplane struts and different wing position!


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