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Fairey Fremantle

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Fairey Fremantle

Barry, 06.03.2015 17:39

This one off was a large single engined biplane designed under Air Ministry spec. 44 /22 for an aeroplane, as noted, to fly around the world. Powered by a 650h.p. Rolls Royce Condor this plane was built around a wooden frame with mahogany planking allowing the fuselage not to be inhibited by any struts so giving the crew full access and enabling them to stand up. The plane first flew on the 28th November and entered a flight test programme lasting until the following June. Unfortunately, by the time the plane first flew three Douglas World Cruisers had already achieved the goal in the preceeding September. The Freemantle was used by the R.A.E. for a while before being broken up in 1926.


Gus, e-mail, 28.11.2011 08:37

Fairey Fremantle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
en.wikipedia.org /wiki /Fairey_FremantleThe Fairey Fremantle was a large single-engine biplane seaplane designed in the mid-1920s for a proposed round-the-World flight. Only one was built. ...
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