Fairey N9


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Fairey N9

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Fairey N9

Fairey N9A three-view drawing (1292 x 1246)

Barry, 05.03.2015 18:51

Although this aircraft never entered service it was the first float plane to be catapulted from a ship, namely H.M.S. Slinger. Powered by a 200h.p. Rolls Royce Eagle developing 200h.p. the N.9, sometimes known as the F127, had fully folding wings and was armed with .303 Lewis gun and could carry two 65lb bombs. It was purchased back from the Royal Navy and sold on to the Royal Norwegian Navy who in turn disposed of it for civilian use in 1927. It was eventually written off in 1928.
Wing Span 50 Ft
Length 35ft 6in
Loaded weight 3812lb
Speed 90 mph


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