Gloster II


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Gloster II

Two aircraft were ordered for 1924 Schneider Trophy races.

 ENGINE1 x Napier Lion VA, 436kW

Dave parsonage, e-mail, 05.02.2020 18:27

I have a photo of this aircraft (or one extremely similar)but on wheels, taken by my grandfather when he was based at Cranwell. The back of the photo says it is an S25 Speed Bus. There is also a picture of the aircraft after the crash.


Neil, e-mail, 24.11.2020 Dave parsonage

My grandfather also had a picture of this event. Ie the crash. He wrote on the back. Gloster II piloted by mr carter crashed at cranwell while practice flying. The machine was flying at 200mph at 25ft up when it crashed.


Barry, 22.06.2016 16:46

Designed by Henry Folland, there were two models built. The first crashed on it's first test flight on the 19th September 1924 when the test pilot, Hubert Broad, attempted a landing and the undercarriage collapsed. There was not enough time to get the second prototype ready so the Americans postponed the race until 1925. The second prototype was converted to a land plane and was destroyed whilst attempting to land at Cranwell in June 1925.

Power plant 1 x 585 h.p. Napier Lion Va water cooled 12 cylinder 'W' block.

Span 20'0" Length 26'10" Height 11'0" Wing area 165 sq ft
Empty weight 2,500 lb Gross weight 3,100 lb
Maximum speed 225 mph


caowanjia, 18.06.2011 06:03

The other countries - UK FR - couldn't get their planes ready in time.


George White, e-mail, 11.01.2007 20:59

The 1924 Schneider race was cancelled - only the USA was in a position to actually have an aircraft ready. The other countries - UK FR - couldn't get their planes ready in time.


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