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Gloster Gamecock

In July 1924, Gloucestershire Aircraft began work on an improved Grebe single-seat fighter to Specification 37/23 and intended to be powered by the 398hp Bristol Jupiter IV nine-cylinder radial engine. Of wooden construction with fabric skinning and retaining the then-standard armament of two synchronised 7.7mm Vickers guns, and to receive the appellation of Gamecock, the prototype was delivered to Martlesham Heath on 20 February 1925. In the following September, an initial order was placed on behalf of the RAF for 30 Gamecock Is powered by the 425hp Jupiter VI. In the event, a further 60 Gamecock Is were built for the RAF (1925-27), one of these (unofficially known as the Gamecock III) at one time flying with a lengthened fuselage, new and enlarged fm-and-rudder assembly and narrow-chord ailerons. A developed version, the Gamecock II, with a steel-tube upper wing centre section, narrow-chord ailerons and a larger rudder, appeared in 1928. This was adopted by Finland, two pattern aircraft and a manufacturing licence being acquired. Fifteen Gamecock IIs were built for the Finnish air arm 1929-30 by the State Aircraft Factory (Valtion Lentokonenetehdas), these having the lengthened fuselage tested earlier in the UK by the so-called Gamecock III and being powered initially by the 420hp Gnome-Rhone Jupiter (IV) 9Ab or 9Ak and later by the 480hp Jupiter (IV) 9Ag. The last Gamecock Is were withdrawn from first-line RAF service mid-1931, Gamecock IIs remaining first-line Finnish equipment until 1935.

Gamecock Mk I

 MODELGamecock Mk I
 ENGINE1 x Bristol Jupiter VI, 317kW
  Take-off weight1299 kg2864 lb
  Empty weight875 kg1929 lb
  Wingspan9.08 m30 ft 9 in
  Length5.99 m20 ft 8 in
  Height3.06 m10 ft 0 in
  Wing area34.63 m2372.75 sq ft
  Max. speed249 km/h155 mph
  Ceiling6705 m22000 ft
 ARMAMENT2 x 7.7mm forward-firing machine-guns

Gloster GamecockA three-view drawing (800 x 607)

Gamecock II

Rajvinder Kaur, e-mail, 03.10.2016 18:45

Very good detailed infomation


Ray Marple, e-mail, 19.07.2013 03:24

I am building a model at present and like to know colours and undercarridge configuration


huaren, 21.06.2011 05:13

trying to find images of the airplane, to build an R /C model..cheers


norris barnes, e-mail, 27.05.2011 04:10

i think it is a beautiful aircraft.i live in trion ga usa.


frank balkus, e-mail, 25.10.2009 17:38

I was surprised after all these years to learn it is actually a British airplane, I have been scouring Japanese textbooks, trying to find images of the airplane, to build an R /C model..cheers


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