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Gloster Goldfinch

The second all-metal fighter designed by H P Folland, the Goldfinch was ordered in January 1926 as an all-metal version of the Gamecock, but, as initially completed, the prototype embodied a proportion of wood in its fuselage structure. After initial trials, the prototype was reworked, a lengthened, all-metal fuselage and revised tail unit being applied. In its new form, the prototype Goldfinch was delivered to Martlesham Heath late 1927. Powered by a supercharged 450hp Bristol Jupiter VIIF nine-cylinder radial, and having two 7.7mm Vickers Mk I synchronised machine guns, the Goldfinch offered an extremely good performance, but in competing for a production contract to Specification F.9/26 it was bested by the Bristol Bulldog.

Gloster GoldfinchA three-view drawing (800 x 599)

  Take-off weight1468 kg3236 lb
  Empty weight933 kg2057 lb
  Wingspan9.14 m30 ft 0 in
  Length6.78 m22 ft 3 in
  Height3.20 m11 ft 6 in
  Wing area25.48 m2274.26 sq ft
  Max. speed277 km/h172 mph

BERNARD RUMBOLD, e-mail, 10.03.2018 17:50

J7940 is a Gloster Goldfinch


Barry, 09.03.2011 15:04

I am sure the photograph is in fact a Gamecock and not a Goldfinch.


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