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Luton Minor

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Barry, 08.04.2016 12:51

Based on the earlier LA3, the LA4 Minor was designed by C.H.Latimer-Needham and first manufactured at a new factory, the Phoenix Works, Gerrards Cross in Buckinghamshire England. Designed for home construction the early models were powered by a 40 h.p. ABC Scorpion two cylinder air cooled engine. The factory burnt down in 1943 and Luton Aircraft closed down. In 1958 Latimer-Needham started a new company along with A.W.J.G. Ord-Hume to take over the design rights of the Minor. The revised model being known as the LA4A.

Power Plant Typically 1 x 55 h.p. Lycoming 0-145-A2
Span 25'0" Length 20'0" Height 6'3" Wing area 125 sq ft
Empty weight 450 lb Loaded weight 750 lb
Maximum Speed 85 mph Range 180 miles


baxie, e-mail, 18.06.2011 05:28

Just the most fun you can have without a cheerleader.


Lee, 11.10.2009 21:38

Fond memories of the minor, particularly flying two up from the long runway at Radlet.
It was the one used by the Handley page Victors and we were glad of nearly all of it the aircraft was reputed to cruise land stall and exeed vne at 55kts. Just the most fun you can have without a cheerleader.


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