Miles M.2S Hawk Major


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Miles M.2S Hawk Major

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Barry, 11.04.2016 13:31

There were some 64 of this improved Hawk flown in various guises. One specially designed model was flown between Mildenhall and Melbourne by Squadron Leader Malcolm MacGregor in the MacRobertson Air Race taking 7 days 15 hours. And the great A.E.Clouston flew one in the Schlesinger Air Race between Portsmouth and Johannesburg in 1936. Unfortunately he crashed some 175 miles south of Salisbury.

Spec. for M2F Hawk Major:
Power plant 1 x 200 h.p. D.H. Gypsy Major
Span 33'0" Length 24'0" Height 6'8" Wing area 169 sq ft
Empty weight 1,150 lb Gross weight 1,850 lb
Maximum speed 150 mph Range 560 miles Service ceiling 20,000 ft


Bill White, e-mail, 04.11.2010 01:08

I got my pilot's licence in 1955 with the Scottish Flying Club at Renfrew Airport and flew a Miles Magister. They had six Magisters,the one I flew was red and with call letters G-AJRV. Why no Miles Magisters???? Bill White Ottawa.


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