Miles M.1 Satyr


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Miles M.1 Satyr

In 1932 F. G. Miles had flown a small single-seat biplane known as the Miles M.1 Satyr. Only one was built and it flew well, but was written off in 1936.

Barry, 11.04.2016 13:15

Built by Parnall at Yate, it was the only biplane design from F.G.Miles who from then on concentrated on monoplanes.The plane was purchased by the Hon. Mrs Victor Bruce who crashed it in September 1936 when attempting to land, by flying into some telephone wires and having the plane sprung backwards with the effect that the plane landed backwards. Mrs Bruce survived he plane did not.

Power plant 1 x 75 h.p. Pobjoy R
Span 21'0" Length 17'8" Empty weight 594 lb Gross weight 900 lb
Maximum speed 122 mph


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