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Miles M.16 Mentor

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Barry, 15.08.2016 16:02

Developed from the M7 Nighthawk, forty five were built to meet an Air Ministry specification for a three seat communications plane. Only one survived the war and this crashed on the 1st April 1950 at Clayhidon Devon.

Power plant 1 x 200 hp De Havilland Gypsy Six inverted six cylinder air cooled in line.

Span 34'9 1 /2" Length 26'1 3 /4" Height 9'8" Wing area
181 sq ft
Empty weight 1,978 lb Loaded weight 2,710 lb

Max speed 156 mph Service ceiling 13,800 ft


Ron Talbot'Potter, e-mail, 12.09.2008 03:54

One of the Loveliest planes ever. The most comfortable and nearest thing to
a flying car. I think the war must have stopped the production,
and the fact that the government of the day never seemed to support Miles.


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