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Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.5

The R.E. designation indicated 'Reconnaissance Experimental' and the R.E.5, only 24 of which were built for the RFC, was operated successfully as a reconnaissance and light-bombing biplane during the early stages of World War I. Power was provided by an 89kW engine, giving a maximum speed of 125km/h.

Barry, 27.10.2016 17:15

Crew 2 sometimes 1

Power plant 1 x 120 h.p. Beardmore built Austro Daimler V12 liquid cooled engine.

Span 45'3 1 /2" Wing area 489 sq ft
Max speed 78 mph

Armament Some were armed with a .303" rifles sprayed at an angle on the side if the plane. In most the pilot carried a .45" service revolver.


Richard, e-mail, 05.02.2011 06:01

I am doing reserch
Can you tell me who's engine was used in the above plane.There was a Naval and military airplane competion to be held at the Royal Aircraft factory on Feb 30th 1914 and was postponed till April 30 1914 .One of the entries was from Lavoie Motor limited,Alphonse Joseph Lavoie. I am not sure what plane was going to be tested.Would you be able to tell me who won the contest and what plane was used or any history on Lavoie Motor Ltd.Alphonse Joseoh Lavoie.If not could you steer me in the right directio for information. Your imput time would be greatly appreciated


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