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Short Folder

The Short Brothers' longstanding involvement with maritime aviation became firmly established in 1913, when Horace Short developed a mechanism that enabled a seaplane's wings to be folded back to lie alongside the fuselage. This device meant that the aircraft could easily be stored on board a warship. The Short Folder, as the new type was known, was to enter service with the Royal Naval Air Service in 1913, and on 28 July 1914 one of these aircraft, flown by Squadron Commander A.M. Longmore, airdropped a torpedo for the first time in Britain.

Short FolderA three-view drawing (634 x 588)

 ENGINE1 x 160hp Gnome 14-cylinder rotary engine
  Take-off weight1406 kg3100 lb
  Wingspan17.07 m56 ft 0 in
  Length12.19 m40 ft 0 in
  Height3.66 m12 ft 0 in
  Max. speed126 km/h78 mph
 ARMAMENT1 x 367kg torpedo

Short Folder

Short Folder

Paul Adey, e-mail, 01.08.2015 15:01

To find out more about this aircraft, read "Dauntless" by Alan Evans. It is a very accurate account of this seaplane in action, very exciting and very real.


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