Short S.B.3


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Short S.B.3

The last Sturgeon was modified into the SB.3 anti-submarine aircraft. Any remaining semblance of good looks was ruined by the extremely deep nose, which contained rwo radar operators. The efflux from the Mamba turboprops seriously destabilized the aircraft at some power settings and destroyed the good handling characteristics. It proved impossible to trim for safe flight on one engine, which was a necessity for long endurance on anti-submarine patrols.

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Short S.B.3

 ENGINE2 x 1475hp Mamba AS Ma3 turboprops
  Take-off weight10700 kg23590 lb
  Wingspan18.23 m60 ft 10 in
  Length13.70 m45 ft 11 in
  Max. speed515 km/h320 mph

Klaatu83, e-mail, 04.10.2013 16:27

This awkward aircraft was Short's submission to meet the Toayl Navy specification that was eventually filled successfully by the Fairey Gannet. It was inevitably at a disadvantage, being a modification of an existing machine, while the Gannet was designed from a clean sheet of paper.


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