Short S.35 Shetland


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Short S.35 Shetland

It would have been a long-range flying-boat with a heavy armament much bigger than Short Sunderland. The first of two prototypes flew in 1944. The second prototype would have been a 40-passenger aircraft but was cancelled due to low demand.

Short S.35 Shetland

Barry, 03.12.2015 18:27

Crew 11 Power 4 x Bristol Centaurus VII 18 cylinder radial engines each developing 2,500 h.p.
Span 150'4" Length 110' Height 37' Empty Weight 75,860 lb
Loaded Weight 120,000 lb Max Take Off Weight 125,000 lb
Max Speed 263 mph Cruising Speed 183 mph Range 4,000 miles Service Ceiling 17,000 ft

Armament Nose Dorsal and Tail Turret each containing
2 x 0.5" machine guns plus 1 x 0.5" machine guns in either waist position Up to 4,000 lb of bombs or depth charges


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