Breguet 12


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Breguet 12

The Type 12 (Bre 12 Ca2) was a two-seat night fighter derivative of the basic Type 5 design which, introduced during the course of 1916, was allocated to various units defending Paris, and remained in service well into the summer of 1917. Powered by either the 220hp Renault 12Fb or 250hp Renault 12Fbx engine, the Type 12 featured a revised forward undercarriage unit with twin wheels and a modified fuselage nacelle. The 37mm Hotchkiss cannon in the nose position was coupled with a Sautter-Harle searchlight which, operated by a wind-driven generator mounted under the front of the nacelle, was aligned with and moved with the gun. An aft-firing 7.7mm Lewis machine gun was usually fitted on an elevated mount over the upper wing leading edge, and four landing lamps were mounted beneath each lower wing. Performance, weights and dimensions were essentially similar to those of the Type 5.

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