Breguet 1001 Taon


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Breguet 1001 Taon

In response to a NATO requirement for a single-seat lightweight strike fighter, Breguet designed a small mid-wing monoplane with swept wings and tail surfaces. Retractable tricycle landing gear was provided, this being designed especially for operation on unprepared strips. The fuselage incorporated some area ruling, accommodated the pilot in an enclosed cockpit well forward, and housed its Bristol Orpheus BOr.3 turbojet. In competition with other proposals, Breguet's design won an order for three prototypes, the first of these making its maiden flight on 26 July 1957. The second prototype incorporated minor aerodynamic improvements and had a slightly lengthened fuselage.

To enhance high-speed performance, improved area ruling was provided by the introduction of aerodynamic bulges at the wing roots, these serving also to house additional fuel. In this configuration the Br.1001 Taon (gadfly) set an international speed record for a 1000km closed circuit, attaining a speed of 1046.65km/h at 7620m on 25 April 1958. Three months later, on 23 July, the Taon raised this figure again for the same record to 1075km/h. Despite this high-speed performance, development was discontinued, and only the two prototypes were built.

Breguet 1001 TaonA three-view drawing (1657 x 1197)

 MODELBreguet 1001 Taon
 ENGINE1 x Bristol Orpheus BOr.3 turbojet, 2200kg
  Take-off weight5560 kg12258 lb
  Loaded weight3425 kg7551 lb
  Wingspan6.80 m22 ft 4 in
  Length11.68 m38 ft 4 in
  Height3.7 m12 ft 2 in
  Wing area14.50 m2156.08 sq ft
  Max. speed1194 km/h742 mph

paul Scott, 13.02.2017 20:44

Nice, interesting 'plane.


Manuel, e-mail, 19.12.2010 20:35

I always liked the design of the intakes (to prevent F.O.D ?)


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