Caudron R.14


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Caudron R.14

Possessing a strong family resemblance to the R.11 but having an increased wing span and area resulting from the introduction of an additional bracing bay on each side, an enlarged rudder and 300hp Hispano-Suiza 8Fb eight-cylinder water-cooled engines, the R.14 was also a three-seat escort fighter. It had an armament of one 37mm Hotchkiss cannon on a rotating mounting in the forward gunner's cockpit and paired Lewis guns in the dorsal gunner's cockpit. The fuselage was essentially similar to that of the R.11, and one example of the R.14 was completed in August 1918. No details of the subsequent testing of this aircraft have survived.

  Empty weight1747 kg3851 lb
  Wing area63.00 m2678.13 sq ft

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