Dassault Mirage 5


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Dassault Mirage 5

Conceived as a ground attack fighter for operation under VFR conditions and using the same airframe and power plant as the Mirage IIIE, the Mirage 5 was first flown on 19 May 1967. Possessing a redesigned nose which could accommodate an Aida ranging radar, increased fuel capacity and two additional stores hardpoints, the Mirage 5 carried basic armament including two 30mm cannon in an 4000kg weapon capability. The Mirage 5 was evolved initially to meet an Israeli requirement, but 50 aircraft originally ordered for Israel's Defence Force/Air Force were, in the event, absorbed by France's Armee de l'Air (as Mirage 5Fs). Although essentially a clear-weather ground attack fighter with secondary intercept capability, the Mirage 5 was delivered to some export customers with varying degrees of IFR/all-weather operational ability, and tactical reconnaissance and two-seat training versions were produced as the Mirage 5R and 5D. Customers for the single-seat fighter version of the Mirage 5 were as follows: Abu Dhabi (12 5ADs and 14 5EADs), Belgium (63 5BAs), Colombia (14 5COAs), Egypt (51 5SDEs and 16 5E2s), Gabon (three 5Gs and four 5G2s), Libya (53 5Ds and 32 5DEs), Pakistan (28 5PAs and 30 5PA2s and 5PA3s), Peru (32 5Ps and 5P3s), Venezuela (four 5Vs) and Zaire (14 5Ms). The equipment fit of the Mirage 5s varied widely, according to customer requirements, the Mirage 5E, (eg, 5DE and 5SDE), for example, having a similar equipment standard to that of the Mirage IIIE. Ten Mirage 5Ps were transferred to Argentina from Peru in June 1982, and production of an essentially similar aircraft was undertaken during 1970-72 in Israel as the IAI Nesher. Total production of the Mirage 5 (including tactical reconnaissance and two-seat training versions) amounted to 531 aircraft.

Dassault Mirage 5

  Take-off weight13700 kg30203 lb
  Loaded weight7150 kg15763 lb
  Wingspan8.22 m27 ft 12 in
  Length15.56 m51 ft 1 in
  Height4.25 m14 ft 11 in
  Wing area34.85 m2375.12 sq ft
  Max. speed2335 km/h1451 mph
  Range2500 km1553 miles

Dassault Mirage 5A three-view drawing (1650 x 1097)

Dassault Mirage 5

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