Dassault M.D.450 Ouragan


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Dassault M.D.450 Ouragan

The first fighter developed by Avions Marcel Dassault and the first jet fighter of French design to attain series production, the MD.450 Ouragan (Hurricane) was designed by engineers Deplant, Cabriere and Rouault. Powered by a 2267kg Rolls-Royce Nene Mk 102, the first of three prototypes flew on 28 February 1949, the second and third following on 20 July and 2 June respectively. Twelve (later increased to 14) pre-series aircraft were followed by 350 production Ouragans. Of the latter, the first 50 were completed to an interim standard as MD.450As, subsequent aircraft embodying modifications and equipment changes as MD.450Bs. Changes included replacement of the Nene 102 by the lighter Nene 104B of 2300kg. Armament comprised four 20mm cannon which could be augmented by 16 Matra T-10 rockets externally. An Indian Air Force order for 71 MD.450Bs was placed on 25 July 1953, these having the Nene 105A of 2350kg and British Mk V versions of the French 20mm Hispano-Suiza cannon. Dubbed Toofani in Indian service (the Hindi equivalent of Ouragan), the Dassault fighter remained in first-line use until 1967, a further 33 having been procured from the Armee de l'Air (including 20 unused machines from storage) in March 1957. Twenty-four MD.450BS were ordered by Israel in January 1955, these being supplied from Armee de l'Air stocks in the following October-November and a further 46 (including one MD.450A) being delivered subsequently. Eighteen ex-Israeli Ouragans were delivered to El Salvador in 1975, remaining in service into the late 'eighties.

Dassault M.D.450 OuraganA three-view drawing (1662 x 1162)

 ENGINE1 x Hispano-built Rolls-Royce Nene Mk104B turbojet, 2270kg
  Take-off weight7900 kg17417 lb
  Empty weight4140 kg9127 lb
  Wingspan13.16 m43 ft 2 in
  Length10.74 m35 ft 3 in
  Height4.14 m14 ft 7 in
  Wing area23.8 m2256.18 sq ft
  Max. speed940 km/h584 mph
  Ceiling13000 m42650 ft
  Range w/max.fuel920 km572 miles
 ARMAMENT4 x 20mm canoon, underwing hardpoints for two 434kg bombs

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