Dewoitine D 560


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Dewoitine D 560

Aware of some prejudice against the low-wing monoplane configuration for single-seat fighters, Emile Dewoitine evolved almost simultaneously with the low-wing D 500 a fighter of shoulder-mounted gull wing configuration. This employed the same HS 12Xbrs engine of 660hp for take-off, the same fuselage and essentially similar tail surfaces. Designated D 560, this fighter flew for the first time on 5 October 1932, proving to be somewhat slower at rated altitude than the equivalent low-wing monoplane when flown at the Centre d'Essais at Villacoublay during the following month. The ventral radiator bath was extended forward in similar fashion to that of the D 500, and to rectify a stability problem the vertical tail was enlarged. The manoeuvrability of the D 560 proved outstanding, but evaluation pilots participating in the 1930 C1 programme universally condemned the gulled wing (which was also featured by other contenders - the Loire 43, the Gourdou-Leseurre 482 and the Mureaux 170). As a consequence, the D 560 was rebuilt as a classic parasol monoplane, the designation being changed to D 570.

Dewoitine D 560A three-view drawing (800 x 510)

  Take-off weight1698 kg3743 lb
  Empty weight1270 kg2800 lb
  Wingspan12.47 m41 ft 11 in
  Length8.48 m28 ft 10 in
  Height3.42 m11 ft 3 in
  Wing area17.30 m2186.22 sq ft
  Max. speed375 km/h233 mph

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