FBA Type H

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FBA Type H

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FBA Type H

Terrence Murphy, e-mail, 01.02.2012 20:36

Your best source is Wikipedia.

The FBA Type H was a reconnaissance flying boat produced in large numbers in France during World War I by Franco-British Aviation.

[edit] Development

A development of the FBA Type A, the Type H shared the same basic configuration, but was a larger and heavier machine based on a Donnet-Lévêque design and powered by a Vee engine in place of the earlier type's rotary.

[edit] Production

The aircraft was a biplane with the lower wing positioned just above the central fuselage on four supporting struts. The pusher engine was mounted on struts just below the upper wing. The two crew members were accommodated in separate open cockpits in tandem.

Aside from its production in France, the type was also built extensively under licence in Italy by several firms, most importantly by SIAI.

One Type H was built as an Avion-Canon equipped with a 37 mm Hotchkiss gun. Although this was a landplane, its fuselage retained its basic flying boat form.

[edit] Operational history

The Type H was operated by several air arms during the latter part of the First World War. The Escadrille des Hydroviators of the Belgian Air Force was equipped with the type and one survives on display in the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History in central Brussels.[1]


Brian Almquist, e-mail, 03.07.2011 02:37

I have a propeller from what I think is an FBA 17 Type S. I can't find a picture or any production info. Does anybody know anything about this aircraft?


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