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Levasseur PL 5

Designed by Jean Biche to meet a Navy requirement for a shipboard two-seat fighter for operation from the carrier Beam, the P.L.5 C2b was a single-bay sesquiplane. Of wooden construction, the fuselage was watertight, the undercarriage being jettisonable and flush-fitting stabilising floats being provided to allow the aircraft to alight on water in an emergency. Four prototypes were built in 1924, the first, second and fourth having a 450hp Hispano-Suiza 12Ha and the third having a 480hp Renault 12Kd engine. After successful trials at Saint-Raphael, a series of 20 aircraft was ordered, these being delivered between July and December 1926. The series version of the P.L.5 carried an armament of two forward-firing 7.7mm Vickers machine guns and twin Lewis guns of similar calibre on a ring mounting in the rear cockpit. Power was provided by a 450hp Lorraine- Dietrich water-cooled engine.

Levasseur PL 5A three-view drawing (1280 x 838)

  Take-off weight1800 kg3968 lb
  Empty weight1150 kg2535 lb
  Wingspan12.40 m41 ft 8 in
  Length8.80 m29 ft 10 in
  Height3.10 m10 ft 2 in
  Wing area37.00 m2398.26 sq ft
  Max. speed225 km/h140 mph
  Range800 km497 miles

Timo Ruoko, e-mail, 28.01.2007 20:59

Ceiking was 7000 m


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