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Potez 141

The acquisition by Potez in 1933 of Chantiers Aero-Maritimes de la Seine (CAMS) brought increased interest in the development of maritime aircraft, and the Potez (CAMS) 141 was designed to meet an official requirement for a maritime reconnaissance flying-boat. A large-span monoplane wing was carried on a faired superstructure above the hull, to which it was braced on each side by large N-struts. A stabilising float was strut-mounted beneath each wing, and the two-step all-metal hull carried at the rear a twin fin-and-rudder tail unit. Carrying a crew of nine to 12, the 41m span Potez 141 was powered by four 694kW Hispano-Suiza 12Y-26/27 Vee engines in wing-mounted nacelles. First flown on 21 January 1938, successful testing led to large orders, but changing policies and the development of World War II meant that no production aircraft were built.

  Take-off weight25900 kg57100 lb
  Max. speed320 km/h199 mph
 ARMAMENT1500kg of bombs

Ben Beekman, e-mail, 08.03.2011 02:46

Herbert: This book titled "Luftwaffe Over America" seems to imply that the Potez (CAMS) 141, was modified to use six engines and so equipped, actually overflew the United States. Is that what the book says? Or does it say this aircraft just had the capability of doing it?


Herbert Schneider, e-mail, 22.04.2009 04:03

A book with the title "Luftwaffe over America" by Manfred Griehl (Fall River Press, 2006) shows on Page 179 a photograph of a large, 6-engine flying boat with the following caption: "Several captured flying boats, for example the Potez CAMS 161, were immobilised by the Luftwaffe after testing for lack of replacement parts." The aircraft in the photo is shown with Luftwaffe markings. The CAMS 161 must have been developed after the CAMS 141 discussed above.


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