SIPA S.901


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SIPA S.901

Two-seat light training monoplane which won a 1948 contest to produce an aircraft to be built for use in the schools of the Service de l'Aviation Legere et Sportive. 100 built.

 ENGINE1 x Mini 4 DC 30 piston engine, 56kW
  Take-off weight600 kg1323 lb
  Empty weight366 kg807 lb
  Wingspan8.75 m29 ft 8 in
  Length5.75 m19 ft 10 in
  Height1.75 m6 ft 9 in
  Wing area11.2 m2120.56 sq ft
  Max. speed200 km/h124 mph
  Ceiling4000 m13100 ft
  Range500 km311 miles

Martin Emery, e-mail, 24.11.2011 03:04

currently have c /n 096, based here in UK.
stored in good condition, previously flown for many years, UK and France. all restored, and original, except for re-cover and extra altimeter, and fitted full harnesses. has a C90-14f, don't have electrics, except occasional battery radio: Continental engine has Merville prop.
great little classic aeroplane, colour mainly white, red flashes. has a host of spares, and a good pedigree, ex- St.Cyr (Fr), and based mainly with the Redhill Tiger Club, England.
bought this when our Airline retired it's Dakotas (was co-pilot), to stay current on own taildragger, and get to some rallies - all good. sorts out yr flying, careful / accurate flying required, giving rewards.


Raoul FRANCOIS Col(HR), e-mail, 01.03.2011 14:52

I was the owner of the #94 of the series.
The engine was then a Lycoming 90. The model designation was then SIPA S.903
It was a wonderful plane, but quite delicate to pilot and to land in windy conditions.
The large fowlers allowed a landing distance well under 100m.
Some acft are still flying in UK.


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