SNCAC NC.840 Chardonneret


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SNCAC NC.840 Chardonneret

Four-seat cabin monoplane.

Barry, 23.11.2016 19:31

3 built, the first flying was the three seat tail dragger the NC.832 which made it's first flight 3rd November 1946 powered by 100 h.p Renault 4EO. The next plane was the NC.840 which was a four seat tricycle undercarriage powered by 140 h.p Renault 4 Pei. The last model was the tail wheeled radial engine NC.841 powered by 175 h.p. Mathis 175H.


Accommodation 1 pilot 3 passengers

Span 36'9" Length 24'10" Wing area 205 sq ft
Empty weight 1,340 lb Gross weight 2,260 lb

Max speed 158 mph
Cruising speed 118 mph


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