Aviatik C.I

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Aviatik C.I

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Aviatik C.I

Barry, 23.08.2016 15:54

Built as a replacement for the earlier BI and BII, flying for the first time in April 1915. With a crew of two, it was unusual in that the observer was positioned in the forward cockpit with a pair of machine guns either side of the fuselage allowing the plane to attack others. In the later CIa and subsequent models including the most common model the CIII the position of pilot and observer was reversed to the more typical situation of the pilot being in the forward cockpit.

Power plant 1 x 160 h.p Mercedes D III six cylinder water cooled in line.

Span 41'0" Length 26'0" Height 9'8" Wing area 465 sq ft
Empty weight 1,650 lb Loaded weight 2,948 lb

Max speed 89 mph Service ceiling 11,500 ft

Armament 2 x 7.92 mm machine guns


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