Kyushu K10W


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Kyushu K10W

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Kyushu K10W

 ENGINE1 x 600hp
  Take-off weight2093 kg4614 lb
  Wingspan12.36 m41 ft 7 in
  Length8.83 m29 ft 12 in
  Height2.84 m9 ft 4 in
  Max. speed282 km/h175 mph
  Ceiling6770 m22200 ft
  Range830 km516 miles
 ARMAMENT1 x 7.7mm machine-gun

Kyushu K10WA three-view drawing (752 x 889)

Barry, 04.02.2016 15:58

A little investigation shows that Mitsubishi did in fact purchase a NA-16-4R and a NA-16-4RW on behalf of the IJN. The design of the K10W (known as the "Oak" to the allies) was only superficially similar to the Yale in that whereas the North American aircraft was steel tube construction covered by metal or fabric, the K10W was stressed skin. Coupled to it having a smaller wing span and smaller chord wings with a longer fuselage and higher aspect tail plane, this Nakajima Kotobuki powered trainer was not liked by it's crews and production ceased after 176 including 17 prototypes.


yk, e-mail, 20.09.2010 12:48

Kyusyu took the BT-9 licence from N.A at 1937.


Barry, 17.12.2009 14:55

They didn't copy the T6 /SNJ /Harvard did they?


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