Nakajima E8N DAVE


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Nakajima E8N DAVE

Designed to replace the company's E4N2 in navy service, Nakajima's MS submission was basically an updated version of the E4N2. Of similar biplane configuration, with a central float and underwing stabilising floats, it was powered by a 433kW Kotobuki 2 KAI 1 radial engine, and differed from its predecessor primarily by having revised wings and tail unit. Seven prototypes were tested from March 1934 and, following evaluation against competing aircraft from Aichi and Kawanishi, the MS was ordered into production in October 1935 as the Navy Type 95 Reconnaissance Seaplane Model 1 (Nakajima E8N1). An E8N2 with im proved equipment and a more powerful engine was introduced before production ended in 1940, when a combined total of 755 had been built by Nakajima (707) and Kawanishi (48). Used successfully, during the Sino-Japanese War in roles which included artillery spotting and dive-bombing as well as reconnaissance, some were still operating from navy vessels at the beginning of the Pacific war, gaining the Allied codename 'Dave'. They were soon diverted to secondline duties such as communications, liaison and training.

Nakajima E8N DAVE

 ENGINE1 x Nakajima "Kotobuki-2" KAI 2
  Take-off weight1900 kg4189 lb
  Empty weight1320 kg2910 lb
  Wingspan10.98 m36 ft 0 in
  Length8.81 m29 ft 11 in
  Height3.84 m13 ft 7 in
  Wing area26.5 m2285.24 sq ft
  Max. speed300 km/h186 mph
  Ceiling7270 m23850 ft
  Range900 km559 miles
 ARMAMENT2 x 7.7mm machine-guns, 2 x 30-kg bombs

Nakajima E8N DAVEA three-view drawing (752 x 1201)

Argeo, e-mail, 29.05.2013 14:28

Klaatu, the USS Panay was reported to have been attacked by Yokosuka B4Y (Allied codename 'Jean '), (Navy Type 96), carrier attack aircraft (and therefore had wheels not a float) was used by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service from 1936 to 1943. They were used as advanced trainers after Pearl Harbour.


Klaatu, e-mail, 14.04.2011 03:04

I recall reading somewhere, many years ago, that these were the aircraft that dive-bombed and sank the USS Panay in China in 1937.


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