VEF I-12


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VEF I-12

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Barry, 07.06.2016 16:19

Designed by Karlis Irbitis (hence 'I') this two seat sports and touring aeroplane first flew on the 26th June 1937. It went on a European sales tour and took part in competitions such as the Thanet Air Race where it came fifth and was awarded first prize for the best turned out aircraft. Rollasons were apointed British agents but it would appear that no sales took place. Twelve machines were produced in total with some serving with the Latvian Air Force.
Power plant 1 x 90 h.p. Blackburn Cirrus Minor 4 cylinder inverted air cooled.

Span 30'6" Length 23'4" Height 6'3" Wing area 122 sq ft
Empty weight 1,010 lb Gross weight 1,499 lb

Max speed 143 mph Cruising speed 123 mph Range 450 miles


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