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Antonov An-70

The An-70 is a new propfan medium-size wide-body short take-off and landing transport aircraft intended to replace An-12.

It has the high wing and tail loading ramp that are typical for tactical freight aircraft; a novelty is the use of contra-rotating propfans. Maximum payload - 47 tons.

The development of the An-70 program, which began in 1975, experienced two significant setbacks. The first one was the collapse of the Soviet Union which effectively stopped the funding of most major new programs, the second setback was the crash of the first prototype on February 10, 1995. The first flight was on December 16, 1994.

Under normal circumstances, this would have certainly killed the program. However, the people behind this program knew they had an outstanding aircraft. A number of technological breakthrough are translated into impressive performances. More passion and sweat than money was put into the construction of a second prototype which is undergoing flight testing at Gostomel airport in Ukraine since April 24, 1997.


The first prototype crashed on 10 February 1995 after colliding with its An-72 chase plane.

Antonov has proposed twin-propfan and turbojet-powered An-70 variants.

Each propfan has contra-rotating propellers; the front has eight composite blades, the rear just six.

The planned An-70TK will carry either 30 tonnes of cargo or 150 passengers.

Antonov sees other possible An-70 roles as including firefighting and naval patrol.

Antonov An-70

 ENGINE4 x D-27 propfans, 10300kW
  Take-off weight130000 kg286602 lb
  Wingspan44.06 m145 ft 7 in
  Length40.25 m132 ft 1 in
  Height16.1 m53 ft 10 in
  Cruise speed750-800 km/h466 - 497 mph
  Ceiling12000 m39350 ft
  Range7250 km4505 miles
  Range w/max payload1350 km839 miles

Antonov An-70

epm, e-mail, 15.02.2015 11:57

What's the approximate cost of this A /C ?
Very nice



utpal, e-mail, 11.12.2010 04:20

this is an revolutionary cargo plai which can even send metro from germany to delhi without any refuling.


S9LL, 13.11.2010 15:08

Autors og this site dont know what is and where is Ukraine


Gassan, e-mail, 05.03.2009 16:42

we would like to know the latest price for this aircraft


badereldeen atta mustafa, e-mail, 15.07.2008 18:33

der sir iam amanager of great zeal company in sudan iwould like to purchase two air craft one cargo and the other passenger preferably second hands please give me you prices


James Backnaw, e-mail, 23.04.2008 18:40

This aircraft belongs in a "Ukraine" section or a "USSR-Ukraine" section. It has nothing whatsoever to do with "USSR-Russia" and it is not fair that Russia should receive "credit" for this aircraft.


Andrianina Jonathan, e-mail, 26.05.2007 19:11

Russian aeronautic proved me again he needs respect and money.


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