Polikarpov PM-1


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Polikarpov PM-1

A large single engine passenger aircraft, the prototype Polikarpov PM-1 flew for the first time on 10 June 1925. It was an unequal-span biplane with the upper wing connected directly to the upper decking of the fuselage. The pilot had an open cockpit just forward of the wing leading edge and the enclosed cabin accommodated five passengers. The 'M' in the designation arose from the single 194kW Maybach IVa inline engine which gave a maximum speed of 170km/h.

Successful flight testing brought an order for 10 aircraft to operate on the routes of the German-Soviet airline Deruluft, but as the result of a crash in Germany it is believed that most of the series aircraft were cancelled.

Polikarpov PM-1

 ENGINE1 x Maybach, 190kW
  Take-off weight2360 kg5203 lb
  Empty weight1380 kg3042 lb
  Wingspan15.5 m51 ft 10 in
  Length11.0 m36 ft 1 in
  Wing area38.5 m2414.41 sq ft
  Max. speed180 km/h112 mph
  Ceiling4100 m13450 ft
  Range w/max.fuel1200 km746 miles

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