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Curtiss XF14C

On 30 June 1941, Curtiss received a prototype development contract for the XF14C-1 single-seat shipboard fighter designed around the 2,200hp Lycoming XH-2470-4 liquid-cooled engine. At a relatively early stage in the programme, the unsatisfactory state of development of the Lycoming engine led to the redesign of the fighter to accept an 18-cylinder two-row Wright R-3350 as the XF14C-2, this engine driving a six-blade contraprop. Powered by an XR-3350-16 rated at 2,300hp, and carrying an armament of four 20mm cannon, the XF14C-2 was flown for the first time in September 1943, but not delivered to the US Navy until July 1944. Performance proved to be substantially below that specified and the prototype suffered excessive vibration. In consequence, further development of the XF14C-2 was abandoned.

Curtiss XF14CA three-view drawing (1268 x 968)

  Empty weight4800 kg10582 lb
  Wingspan14.02 m46 ft 0 in
  Length11.51 m38 ft 9 in
  Height3.76 m12 ft 4 in
  Wing area34.84 m2375.01 sq ft
  Max. speed611 km/h380 mph
  Range2180 km1355 miles

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Klaatu83, e-mail, 22.12.2011 19:14

By the time this fighter was flown, all the R-3350 engines were required for the Boeing B-29 production program. In any case, considering the reliability problems experienced by the R-3350 engines in the B-29s, it was probably just as well that the Navy the Navy didn't buy this fighter.


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