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Curtiss H.16

The Curtiss H.16, the prototype of which appeared at the end of 1917, was the largest and most effective American maritime reconnaissance flying boat of World. War I. Heavily armed, and with a useful bomb load, the Curtiss H.16 was produced in substantial numbers; 150 were built by the Naval Aircraft Factory at Philadelphia, 77 of them for the US Navy with 400hp Liberty 12 engines. A further 125 H.16s were ordered for the RNAS, but 50 were cancelled and another 50 placed in storage in the UK. The remaining 25, delivered from 1918, saw service from coastal bases during the closing months of the war.

 ENGINE2 x 400hp Liberty 12-cylinder V-type engine
  Take-off weight4944 kg10900 lb
  Wingspan28.98 m95 ft 1 in
  Length14.06 m46 ft 2 in
  Height5.40 m18 ft 9 in
  Max. speed153 km/h95 mph
  Ceiling3000 m9850 ft
  Range608 km378 miles
 ARMAMENT5-6 7.7mm machine guns, up to 417kg of bombs

holly, e-mail, 23.09.2011 21:02

Gents, I'm trying to ascertain the maker of and aircraft /engine on which it was used, a prop inherited from my dad. I have photos if you'd like to contact me. Here's all the data I have. I've had one reply from Dave at and hope to narrow it down more.
Thanks for your help. h
Length = 103"
Weight = 34 lb
Material: laminated mahogany (I think) with copper (I think) tips
Center bore diameter = 3 1 /8"
Bolt holes = 8
Bolt hole pattern diameter = 8"
Bolt hole diameter = "
Hub diameter = 13 "
Hub countersink diameter = 10 "
Hub front countersink depth = 11 / /16"
Hub rear countersink stepdown is 5 /8" then another 5 /8"
Hub maximum thickness = 4 "


huawuke, 18.06.2011 12:02

saw service from coastal bases during the closing months of the war.


dave oakey, e-mail, 08.06.2011 22:30

i have a makers plate from a H-16 serial no 4933. do you have any info on this a /c?


paul, e-mail, 10.05.2010 05:17

what type of props were used on this


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