Curtiss R-6


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Curtiss R-6

With the usual US Army/US Navy rivalry, the US Army decided it must have racing aircraft, Curtiss building for them two examples of the R-6 developed from the US Navy's CR. The R-6s were considerably cleaner than their predecessors, and a major contribution to drag reduction was the introduction of wing surface radiators. With these aircraft the US Army gained first and second place in the 1922 Pulitzer race, and twice raised the world speed record, the second time to 380.74km/h.

Curtiss R-6

Rick Scott, e-mail, 05.05.2012 10:10

This aircraft with it's 7'5" stainless steel propeller with a v-12 engine would make such a howel it make you leary to go near it !!!!


JAW, e-mail, 25.12.2010 23:07

It is easy to the onset of the design features soon to be seen appearing in the Schneideer Cup racers later in that decade! Really sexy lines for the year 1922 !


john, 15.12.2010 00:47

i like this plane because it has an interesting history!


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