Curtiss S-2 Wireless


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Curtiss S-2 Wireless

The S-2 was essentially lhe Model S-1 fitted with new wings and a strut arrangement that eliminalcd the need for wing bracing wires, hence the name Wireless. The problem of fining shock absorbers in the undercarriage when the wing struts were anchored to the ends of the cross-axle was solved by using the new Ackermann Spring wheels, which featured curved spokes made of flat spring steel that served that purpose; these wheels did not have good resistance to side loads, unfortunately, and were not widely used.

 ENGINE1 x 100 hp Curtiss QXX-2
  Empty weight365 kg805 lb
  Wingspan6.65/3.42 m22 ft 10 in / 11 ft 3 in
  Max. speed192 km/h119 mph

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