Curtiss S-6


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Curtiss S-6

A refined version of the S-3 with revised strutting carrying the centre section of the upper wing and the root attachments of the centre wing, a modified undercarriage and other changes, the S-6 triplane of 1917 was the first US "scout" to be fitted with twin forward-firing machine guns, these being gas-operated Lewis guns (which were mounted side-by-side on inverted and inclined "V" struts immediately beneath the centre section of the upper wing and firing outside the propeller disc. Only a single example of the S-6 was built and tested.

  Take-off weight625 kg1378 lb
  Wingspan7.62 m25 ft 0 in
  Length5.94 m20 ft 6 in
  Height2.62 m9 ft 7 in
  Wing area13.25 m2142.62 sq ft
  Max. speed177 km/h110 mph

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