Curtiss XP-17


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Curtiss XP-17

The XP-17 comprised the airframe of the first P-1 mated to the new 480hp Wright V-1460-3 Tornado inverted inline air-cooled engine, and was intended primarily to test the power plant rather than extend the service life of the P-1 design. The conversion was undertaken by the US Army and flight testing was initiated in June 1930.

  Take-off weight1358 kg2994 lb
  Empty weight1000 kg2205 lb
  Wingspan9.63 m32 ft 7 in
  Length6.96 m23 ft 10 in
  Height2.62 m9 ft 7 in
  Wing area23.41 m2251.98 sq ft
  Max. speed265 km/h165 mph

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