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Fleetwings XBQ

Fleetwings XBQ-2A was a piloted prototype of planned BQ-2 cruise missile.

Barry, 06.07.2016 17:59

The example illustrated was the XBQ-2 which was powered by two 280 h.p. Lycoming R-680-13 radials. The first model the XBQ-1 was powered by two Franklin 225 0-405-7 opposed in line liquid cooled engines. The XBQ-1 crashed on it's first t.v. controlled flight and the overall project was deemed too expensive to continue and was thus cancelled in December 1943.

Span 48'7" Gross weight 7,700 lb
Speed 225 mph Range 1,770 miles
Armament 1 x 2,000 lb warhead


Ed Lewis, e-mail, 12.11.2012 04:13

I worked in the experimental dept before going into the army. Three planes were built: one for static and stress tests, one with radial engines and one with in-line engines. It was fabric covered plywood, heavily lacquered, with hinge between top and bottom. When the plane was to be flown by radio control, the pin was pulled out and the top replaced by one (plywood) with no instruments so they could be saved. There was armor plate in the nose with a 3 inch hole for the TV camera. After take-off, the landing gear was dropped for reuse. A great plane, but it never got into production.


F4F, 08.01.2012 22:24

my grampa worked on this project with his freind at fleetwings


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