Scaled Composites Model 351 Stratolaunch


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Scaled Composites Model 351 Stratolaunch

The Model 351 Stratolaunch is an aircraft built for Stratolaunch Systems by Scaled Composites to carry air-launch-to-orbit rockets. The twin-fuselage design is the aircraft with the longest wingspan ever flown (117m), surpassing the Hughes H-4 Hercules flying boat (98m). The Stratolaunch is intended to carry a 250t payload and has a 590t maximum takeoff weight.

The aircraft first flew on April 13, 2019, and shortly thereafter, the company announced it would halt development of its air-launched family of launch vehicles following the death of Stratolaunch founder Paul Allen in October 2018. The company ceased operations the next month, and placed all company assets, including the aircraft, for sale. Cerberus Capital Management acquired Stratolaunch Systems including the Stratolaunch aircraft in October 2019. Stratolaunch announced in December 2019 that it would now be focusing on offering high-speed flight test services.

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 ENGINE6 x Pratt & Whitney PW4056 turbofans, 252.4 kN each
  Take-off weight589670 kg1300007 lb
  Empty weight226796 kg500002 lb
  Payload250000551159 lb
  Wingspan117 m384 ft 10 in
  Length73 m240 ft 6 in
  Height15 m49 ft 3 in
  Max. speed850 km/h528 mph
  Range1900 km1181 miles
  Range w/max.fuel4600 km2858 miles

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